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Clothing that is Unapologetically black and proud of it!

Inspired by and with huge love for her community, her family and her culture Hannah wants people to feel seen, appreciated and represented in the world. So that’s exactly what she has created, a brand that puts the black community at its core and creates pieces for those who are proud of who they are and celebrates it!

Designed to be bold

Clothing gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and tell the world, “listen up, this is me!” For all the times you may feel unheard, unseen, unimportant what you wear has the power to change that; to make you feel confident, powerful and xxx.  That’s why  HPC exists! So when you want be loud, when you want to take up space, to be seen you know exactly what to wear to do it! 

For you by you 

At HPC we are committed to supporting the black community and that is why we work with black talent at every step of the way. From digital artists, photographers , models and more we are a brand that is not only for you but by you too.